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"Cable and Cameras is an important intervention into Bristol film culture, providing a much needed space and a voice for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority filmmakers. It's also a huge amount of fun, showcasing dynamic work from a range of up-and-coming and established filmmakers, and providing an exciting opportunity to not only see the work, but also to discuss, socialise and network."

 Dr Charlotte Crofts ( Associate Professor of Filmmaking, UWE Bristol )

I love what Cables and Cameras is doing for the Bristol filmmaking community, it’s drawing together filmmakers and actors from across the city and providing a friendly and welcoming space to form new connections. It’s giving a great platform for BAME creatives to show their work and find new collaborators; and that’s vital in such a white male dominated industry. When I’m there I look around and I hear people introducing themselves and swapping details. There’s a long way to go but it feels like something is changing.  And it’s exciting to be a part of it.  

 Andy Mosse ( Producer Director at Wildseed Studios )

'Attending Cables & Cameras events have been an amazing experience for me. As an aspiring BME filmmaker, it's been a great opportunity to network with other filmmakers and creatives, and it's also been a privilege to see my short films on the big screen! Cables & Cameras is an incredibly important initiative for local filmmakers in Bristol - and I hope it keeps running for years to come!'

Elias Williams ( MANDEM founder )

The Conversation was a really inspiring event that tackled head on, in a very honest environment, some of the issues around the lack of diversity in the film and TV industry as well as offering some hands on training, workshops and screenings. The event opened with a fantastic key note which was truly inspiring and motivational and the audience was highly engaged from start to finish - asking pertinent questions and starting debate, as well as making good contacts. In future years if the event were to run again I would urge funders to put some money to help with marketing and outreach to encourage a bigger audience. Overall a big success for Gary and his team.

 Rachel Drummond-Hay

Company Director

Drummer Television